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A6 cards commissions done!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2014, 7:12 AM
All the cards have just been send by note (and tomorrow by the mail) to their commissioners! 
I still need to do two colored shikishi and all my to-do list will be cleared up for this time. :3

Though, as I have a soon-coming dead-line for some goodies I need to do, I won't be able to re-open the commissions as soon as I thought I could. So, all the commissions that haven't been paid will be put on hold for now, until I can make some room in my schedule to work on that kind of drawings. 

Commissions : ON HOLD (until I get some done)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 27, 2014, 12:28 PM

EDIT : They are actually on hold until I manage to clear a bit my backlog! They should re-open soon.

I't's been a while I haven't done some been but here we go, I am currently open for commissions!

Any commissions taken will greatly help me printing my products for this upcoming convention season, so thanks in advance to all that will consider it. =w=

The possibilities this time are : 


:bulletblack: Kraft Postcards - Pencil and white ink : UPDATED TO 20$ (except for those that I confirmed order before price change) 

     Com. Examples - Pencil and white 1 by Mi-eau
Com. Examples - Pencil and white 2 by Mi-eau

Size is A6 (10x15cm).

:bulletblack: Kraft postcard - Black and white ink : 25$

Size is A6 (10x15cm).

:bulletblack:32mm Button : 30$

Button commissions - Batch 1. by Mi-eau

For that price, you will receive TWO 32mm buttons of the same design + the digital file for your personal use.

Each additional 32mm button of the same design is +2$. 

:bulletblack:56mm Button: 35$

For that price, you will receive TWO 65mm buttons of the same design + the digital file for your personal use.

Each additional 65mm button of the same design is +3$.


Here are the basic guidelines, but if you need more details, just ask. :3

  • Paypal for any payment
  • All the prices INCLUDE international shipping! You'll get the original of your traditional pictures, or your printed buttons send to you wherever you live~
  •  I will do ONE (human/creature) character per image.  The sizes I propose there work better like that, for example a button becomes not easily readable when there's too much details. Though, a character and another small one (example : a trainer and a small pokemon) is okay! 
  •  I won't draw from text-only references this time, sorry! Please have a picture reference.

If you are interested, send me a note with the kind of commission you want, the character you want + any needed references!

Japan Expo 2013 + button inventory

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 3, 2013, 6:36 AM
A little journal a bit late, as I'm leaving in half an hour for the site of the convention, but here are the main info about my products and table! :3
You'll be able to find me on "Le Conseil des 2", on CF27, with three others artists  here on the map : 
Japan Expo 2013 - MAP by Mi-eau

I will have a small Doujin, and things like these :

Japan Expo 2013 - main products by Mi-eau

And all of these designs for the buttons : 

Japan Expo 2013 - Button lineup by Mi-eau

I will leave to a no-internet place,  so sorry for all the messages I'm leaving un-answered;;;
See you there! :)


Journal Entry: Fri May 17, 2013, 8:37 AM
I will be at Epitanime, this weekend, as a seller. You should be able to find me at the table number 17, under the "DoujinSphere 2" name! There will also be Bisc-chan Sedeto Zraty and Tpiu on the table.

(There, the green one)

I will have things like that (Except the posters I finnaly won't have):

And these new buttons :



Journal Entry: Sun Apr 14, 2013, 1:21 PM
It has been some times I haven't updated my shop nor gave some news of it here, so here we go!
I've opened a new shop, on another website that is Storenvy. You can access it through here :

It seems a great deal when you read their guidelines : no fees to start with but only for additional features or when you got a sale trough their market search…. Though I'm not sure I understand its functionalities QUITE well yet.
At least it seems softer than Etsy's double fees (when you put the listing online, and when you sell the item) BUT… I'm keeping both platforms going on for now. Like that, people can choose their favorite way to go.

Things should be organized like this : The Etsy will keep going mostly with Pony merch and the Storenvy will have more diversity, and… the pokemon goodies, like the new Eevee pins.

I also took new pictures of the items, and they're not the best pictures but probably more on date, especially for the buttons, since I changed printer some times ago.

And, to finish there's some promotions! I've lowered the price on two items :
the Ham-stickers who went from 4$ to 2,50$ the sheet of 7,
and the Pony Prints Set, who got lowered from 8,50$ to 5,50$.

I won't reprint them later and this is their last run. I'm glad so many people got the print set, so that's a little something I can try to do. :°

There's also two promo pack with really low price compared to what's on them, a MLP one and a Pokemon one, but I will let you see that by yourself. :)

The link to the shop again :
Visit my store on Storenvy

Japan Party this week-end / Selling there

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 4:02 PM
Juste un journal rapide pour rapeller que demain - samedi - et dimanche, je vendrais mes choses sur un stand à la Japan Party, à Nanterre!

Je suis en F2, passez me voir si vous en avez l'occasion :)

Le plan est disponible ici  :…
Ainsi que plus d'informations pratique sur la convention :…

J'aurai entre autres quelques Artbooks MLP, des prints A6 / A5 / A4 et A3, des stickers, et des badges dont ces nouveaux :

Convention going?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2013, 10:52 AM
Uhm, I accidentally deleted the informations on my page widget, guess it was time for a spring cleaning! So I've listed the conventions I'm going to (with a table, selling stuff) in it.

Next one I'm attending is coming quite soon : the following week-end. It's "Japan Party" in Nanterre. It's a small one but the location was ideal, so hey, why not? :q

DD thanking and a bit more

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2013, 1:35 PM
I got a Daily Deviation for my Fluttershy comic the other day and wanted to give some thanks for that. Seems like pulling two all-nighters (while eating an awful lot of processed waffles at 4am, for the sugar) to do it just before the dead-line wasn't vain. Even if said dead-line got a delay, which helped correcting lots of things I had to rush the first time, but that's another story.

That's my first DD, and it was on Valentine Day. That's better than chocolate if you want to know. (And less fattening.) I need to mention KeinZantezuken who suggested it, and also because he's one of the few to approve my CONSTANT FLOODING of cat pictures on Tumblr.

On another subject, but as nice, It seems that me, PikoloZ-Dreamin and another room-mate-I-don't-know-the-deviantart finally got a flat to rent in Paris. We should get the keys next week, and I can't say it's done yet, but it seems like it will happen. Most likely.
Visiting flats and all ate some of my dawning/interneting time these weeks, but now it should be okay!

That may also help my other problem of the moment : my slow internet. I can actually make myself a cup of tea during the time a page takes to load, lol. That's like a '90 internet nostalgia machine, I feel warped in the past. That also made us start an internet-boxes collection, as we bought four different ones, but none proved to solve the problem. They're now just chilling next to the computer, in a perilous Jenga-fashion.
So it's a problem with the phone line, and moving out in paris should make that better!

: B

MLP Secret Santa Wishlist

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 1:53 PM
Here is my wishlist for the MLP Secret Santa 2012 :iconmlpsecretsanta2012:

Dear Secret Santa, here are my wishes :

1. My OC Berry Bolt enjoying lots of christmas sweets, cakes or others sugary goods.
Berry Bolt : Reference Sheet by Mi-eau Berry Bolt - Pony OC by Mi-eau

2. Berry Bolt (same references as the first wish) encountering -while delivering letters / presents for example, or any situations you would like to draw- your own pony character, or a canon one if you do not have an OC.

3. Scootaloo in a wintery/snowy scenery.

Thank you ;3

Button commissions : OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 12:47 PM
I've been thinking about it for some times now, but as I have a button machine at home, would you guys (and ladies, as well) be interested in button commissions?

Let me explain what you will get:

:bulletblack:Two 32mm pin-back button with the character of your choice (OC or not. Pony, Pokemon, creatures, human, etc…)

:bulletblack: A digital file of the drawing itself
Samples :
Mane 6 and Elements by Mi-eau   Paddy Paddy chibi by Mi-eau

:bulletblack: The shipping of the buttons to wherever you live.

This whole set for 25$ for and OC and 20$ for a canon character. (Digital drawing + 2 pins + shipping fees)

If you are interested please give me the following info and SEND ME A NOTE :3

- The character you want + references (and any details you may think important to add)
- If you prefer a full-body chibi or a headshot of your character
- If you want more than two buttons
- Your (physical) mail address and your Paypal

About : I use Paypal for the payment.
All of these will be done in the following week or so, to be send out in time for the christmas holidays.
If you want more pins than two, I can send you more for a flat rate of 1,50$ each.
If you choose a canon character, please agree that I may sell the button later in my shop, but for those I offer a 5$ cut to the whole price.
These are for personal use.
That's the only kind of commissions open at the moment, sorry.

After your note I will send you a confirmation note with final price and my Paypal!

:bulletyellow:SLOTS :

1st Batch CLEARED

2nd Batch opens in January 2013!

See me at Japan Expo Belgium

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 12:23 PM
I'll have a table at Japan Expo Belgium and it's at the end of this week, starting thursday!
Selling some (well crafted by my hands) (My Little Pony, Pokemon and Touhou mostly) merchandise, while my friend Winchestars ( will sell what's her thing. :7 Come and say hi if you happen to be there!

My table is the F73 in SHED 3.

While the products are :

All the One Piece illustrations are from my friend PikoloZ-Dreamin We share illustrations to sell since we usually go to different conventions during the year.


Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 8:39 AM
I hope that title offended you by its awkward thankfulness aggressivity.
But hey, thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes! I will answer to them individually as well when I'm free!! :D

Thanks to stingybee, spiffychicken, ouroporos and VicmanOne for the drawings
.:Shinx Birthday to Victoria:. by stingybee   'Here is your present' by ouroporos Happy Birthday Mio! by spiffychicken Berry Bolt OC by VicmanOne

To LucyRanelle for the feature, maryd39 for the points and NauticalSparrow for the cake badges. I really appreciate them!

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Post-JE + Online selling

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 4:04 PM
Japan Expo now ended two days ago, and here is the debriefing! There is also a part dedicated to online merchandise selling, for people who wasn't there, so check the bottom of this journal if that's what you seek.

Thanks for all who came to see me! These 4 days were exhausting (I think I forgot to eat and lost 3kg… orz) but really positive.
Un grand merci à tous ceux qui sont passés me voir sur ces quatre jours!! J'ai été assez émue de voir quelques personnes que je n'avais pas vues depuis très longtemps, ainsi que beaucoup d'autres que je croise souvent sur le net mais peu en vrai! Merci d'être venus, d'avoir pris un peu de temps pour discuter ou acheter deux trois petites choses.
Quelques regrets sur le fait de ne pas avoir été présente en dehors de mon stand, donc je vais guetter un peu les VPC de quelques artistes! Heureusement que certains sont venus m'apporter des choses (vivres (laissés volontairement ou non), fanzines, travail(??)) directement sinon j'aurai été bien dans la panade, hehe.

And I realize I don't have any pictures of my table… not even one. 8I



Everything that I have left from JE is now up for sale on my ETSY : !

If you need a clearer view of the products, please check this deviation :
JAPAN EXPO 2012 - products by Mi-eau

For the prices in dollars, you can see them on Etsy.
Also everything that is not listed there is SOLD OUT.

If you have any trouble using Etsy (but trust me, this is really pratical and easy to use :3), you can order directly from me by sending a mail to this address : while filling those lines :


- Your full name/ pseudonym
- Your address
- the items you want (buttons/prints/postcards, which one, quantity…)
- your Paypal address

I'll then answer you with the total of money this would cost + the shipping fees and link you to my Paypal address where you can send the money. I'll ship everything once or twice a week until I go into holidays at the beginning of August.

Received the stickers in time

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 3:59 PM
Finally got these in hand, so here is a preview :

They're pretty nice, each ham-pony being cut-out with its white outline. Also waterproof and made of some difficult to tear plastic paper. (I put a Derpy one on the back of my phone, let's see how she resist the terrible aggressions of being there, hehe. Or should I worry for the phone...?) They will still be available online on July 10th.

Also, I won't have internet during the convention! Sorry for all the message I could not answer to. :,3

My table is still the DG02, named WILD SOCKS, so see you there!
Also I think I caught a cold, just for the con. I'm shaking my little fist at you, randomness of the human health.

Japan Expo Table : DG02

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 3:27 PM
This year again, you'll be able to find me at Japan Expo, at a table named "WILD SOCKS", DG02.
Eh oui, "chaussettes sauvages", ça ne rentrait pas dans la case. Trop de lettres.
Come meet me, I'll be happy to share some useless knowledge, and more, and we'll see, I'll do another journal when I have the merch and booth decoration!

I'm also the direct neighbor of :iconcajochu: and :iconafmtgn: from HERALDIQUE, which was the nicest surprise possible!

Etsy Shop

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2012, 1:33 PM
Hey~ I opened an Etsy shop little times ago, that you can access here! -->
I display there some prints, original drawings and hand-sewn pouches, probably with weekly updates!

Feel free to leave feedback about the prices, I'm always unsure about that point!
Also, for the prints, right now, they are organized as sets, but you can always ask for custom orders if you want one or another, etc~

On a side note, about the Vinyl Scratch picture :

The Incubator will always be happy to grant your wishes :3

Sorry for the delay + Scraps

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 4:24 PM
:bulletblack: Like the titles hints, I'm terribly sorry for the delay in the indue commissions… I'm thankful for the patience of commissioners, but if the wait ever becomes a problem, I can refund the money if asked! Note me.

:bulletblack: I've also made a somewhat definitive commissions info here :  
++ Commissions info ++ STATUS atm: CLOSEDHere are some things to make things clear with the commissions! Sorry for the incoming TL;DR text, but I hopes this settles everyone's questions "orz. Also I can add more info in it if you have any questions. 'Oh no, please no, no more info'
STATUS : :iconcommissionsclosed:
- Chibi :
:bulletyellow: Simple : 10$

:bulletblack: Detailed : 20$  

- Creatures : Includes Ponies and Pokémon
:bulletyellow: Simple : 10$

:bulletblack: Detailed : 25$

:buletblack: Illustration :  45$  

- Humans :
:bulletblack: Illustration : 55$
Singing her war songs by Mi-eau Casual Tenshi by Mi-eau Patchouli - finished ver. by Mi-eau
- Creatures : Includes Ponies and Pokémon
:bulletblack: Gouache : 10$
Pichu Postcard by Mi-eau
:bulletblack:Inks / watercolors 

These are currently under a hiatus, but I got a couples of notes about it and this will prevent me from rambling different prices everytime, haha;;

:bulletblack: ALSOooo, I'm uploading a lot in the scraps. Things like what I post on my tumblr and small commissions will go there.
So if you wanna see everything, its there!

And the reason why I'm so late with things : ~*university~
Yosuke can well resume my mindstate:

Bullshitting all my essays like a bus

++ Commissions info ++ STATUS atm: CLOSED

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 4:21 PM
Here are some things to make things clear with the commissions! Sorry for the incoming TL;DR text, but I hopes this settles everyone's questions "orz. Also I can add more info in it if you have any questions. 'Oh no, please no, no more info'

STATUS : :iconcommissionsclosed:



- Chibi :

:bulletyellow: Simple : 10$
Tiger and Tiny commander by Mi-eau
:bulletblack: Detailed : 20$  
Winter Coat Reimu by Mi-eau Little Rotten Apple by Mi-eau GS - Sheba Chibi by Mi-eau

- Creatures : Includes Ponies and Pokémon

:bulletyellow: Simple : 10$
Firebound Illumination - comm by Mi-eau Chameleon Pony by Mi-eau Star Counter by Mi-eau
:bulletblack: Detailed : 25$
Southern Girl by Mi-eau EnderPony by Mi-eau
:buletblack: Illustration :  45$  
Anti-Gravity by Mi-eau

- Humans :

:bulletblack: Illustration : 55$
Singing her war songs by Mi-eau Casual Tenshi by Mi-eau Patchouli - finished ver. by Mi-eau


- Creatures : Includes Ponies and Pokémon

:bulletblack: Gouache : 10$
Pichu Postcard by Mi-eau
:bulletblack:Inks / watercolors  20$
Rainbowing by Mi-eau Diamond Eyed by Mi-eau

- Humans

:bulletblack: Detailled Sketch : 13$
I11 - Burn upon my skin by Mi-eau
:bulletblack: Inked : 25$
Mami and Charlotte by Mi-eau Touhou Com.4 - YuruSanae by Mi-eau   Touhou com.2 - Rumia by Mi-eau

- ACEO Human or creature

:bulletyellow: 9$
ACEO-batch1 by Mi-eau



- One character per image

- To add another character : cut the base price of what you want in half and add it to the base price.  ( for example, on a base price of 10 USD, +5USD per additional character)

- Mascots and that type of minor animals can be added for free. (example: for a Madoka sketch I can add a Kyubey for nothing)

- Simple/ pattern-ish backgrounds are for free. If you want more, just add a few bucks! Illustrations are an exception, since they are the most expensive, a more-efforts-background is already one the base price.

- I usually don't send progress sketches, but you can ask for some if you prefer!

- For the traditional, I can send the original if you ask so. Add it in your note and I will send it for free (in most of the cases :) ).

- I prefer to draw from visual references. But I can do characters from a written description in some cases : if I'm motivated by your character and like the description, or if you add a few bucks for the time I spend on the design.

- I may use the commissioned pictures later in some circumstances : for my art portfolio, or to sell (in short runs) as prints. But I promise to always ask personally before doing so!


Fill this and send me a note under the 'COMMISSION' title :

-- The type of commission you want : DIGITAL or TRADITIONAL / HUMAN or CREATURE
-- Which one under that type  : simple, detailed, etc.
-- A reference or description of what you want  (OC, canon characters, Fakemon, etc.. )

I'll then send you a reply with a confirmation, the price and my Paypal address if everything is okay~

Modern-Warmare's Marisa and stuff

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 1:29 PM
I just received Modern-Warmare's Custom pony Marisa, 'StarSpray' and this journal is a bad excuse to pimp her a bit. Also I'll just pile up some other random news.

First, thanks for the messages / notes!
I try to always catch up with them but my inbox tends to become one hell of a mess. So if I ever forget to answer or take more than a week to do so, to something you think is important, don't hesitate to inbox remind me!

On a side note, there will be a kiriban at 100 000PV.
WELLLLL OK, it's sort of far FAR away from here, but it is said.

Also I received the Wacom Inkling, and I will post some daily sketch of my struggle with this REVOLUTIONARY item on my tumblrhaha :…
If there's some people who want a review of the thing, maybe I could do one....???

And to finish, the Marisa, that I surely will take good care of :

BANANA. Also the hat on the 2nd picture is Marisa nendoroid's.

For all the birthday wishes...

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 23, 2011, 9:15 AM
...Thanks a lot!

:heart: joyeux anniversaire xXMioXx by spiffychicken touko and those bears by piyohiko Cream Carrot Cake - Milk Choco by wonder-kya:heart:
*insert here obligatory cake picture*

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