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Twilight + Trixie Shikishi by Mi-eau Twilight + Trixie Shikishi by Mi-eau
MLP shikishi commissioned by Otak9999.
Inked with a Pigma micron, and coloured with watercolors and pencils.
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OldDrunkBastard Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You like all the things that I like ;w;
blazah99 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Good expression on Twi. The sparkles in the eyes bring out the emotion nicely, and the shading style is dynamic, good work.
cajobif Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Twilight: Trixie... I-I don't know what to say... Why are you giving me your cape and hat? Aren't they your most precious possessions?
Trixie: ....
Twilight: Why aren't answering?
Trixie: Uh... No reason. Just a gift.
Twilight: A gift? Simple as that? You come back here in Ponyville... risking to be harrassed by the citizens who remember your past actions here...
Trixie: True...
Twilight:... then, you come to my library....
Trixie: Actually, Trixie came straight to your library, lest to be recognized and attacked. The less seen the better.
Twilight: I see. So... you come straight here...
Trixie: Actually I ran.
Twilight:... and you knock. I response, I let you come in, even if I was quite surprised...
Trixie: Nothing in comparaison after hearing about your coronation.
Twilight: Oh! Uh... indeed... S-sorry. *blushes*
Trixie: Go on.
Twilight: Umm... Yes, I was surprised to see you here as much as Rarity was.
Trixie: That mare surely hates me...
Twilight: Seriously? After what you did to her mane... and the forced tasks you ordered her... No offense, but she got a point.
Trixie: She nearly sent that wooden horse head on my head...
Twilight: You better apologize to her next time you'll meet her before she get a better aim.... Wait! She has a good one! Then why she...
Trixie: Can you go back to your little story?
Twilight: Uh... Right. So... after she left, you tell me that you were sorry for what you did in the past.... apologies that I already accepted a while ago... and you give me these...
Trixie: All exact.
Twilight: *sigh*
Trixie: What's wrong? Did Trixie did something wrong?
Twilight: No Trixie. You simply did.... something.... unexpected... really unexpected! Actally... I'm stupefied...
Trixie: You like my gift?
Twilight: It is not that I don't like it, Trixie...
Trixie: Then, what?
Twilight: It... it is your identity you are giving to me. We all seen you dressed like that.... and I feel bad to keep it...
Trixie: Good. That's a part of the reason Trixie is giving it to you.
Twilight: Huh? You mean to make me feel bad?
Trixie: No, silly. I'm giving you my old identity.
Twilight: What?!? Why??! Why.... me?
Trixie: Simple. You are the one who made me realized how wrong were my actions. So much guilt built up in me since our last encounter... So... as a significant gesture... I'm giving you my cape and my... *sigh* my hat. Believe me.... it is very hard for Trixie to do this....
Twilight: I don't know what to say...
Trixie: There is nothing to say...
Twilight:....other that there is something else behind this. What is it Trixie?
Trixie: What?!?! What do you mean? Isn't that significant enough for you that I depart of my accoutrement and give it to you so I can move on?
Twilight: No that. I saw in your eyes something else when you gaze upon my wings...
Trixie: I... I don't know what you are talking about...
Twilight: Trixie... are you....
Trixie: I'M NOT JEALOUS!!!
Twilight: Woah! I touched something sensible here...
Trixie: Really! I'm not!!! I'm... I'm... I'm very jealous... It's different! It's hard to accept it...
Twilight: Trixie...
Trixie: Just look at you! You are a princess! If having great friends wasn't enough, you have wings... a crown... a kingdom....
Twilight: Uh.... Actually, I don't have a king....
Trixie: I don't care!!! I... I have... had these things I just gave to you.. only these things...
Twilight approached Trixie and wrapped her forelegs around her neck to give her a hug. Twilight nearly began to cry.
Twilight: No, Trixie. You are wrong. You have something else... my friendship.
Trixie: W-what? Twilight?
Twilight: You traveled long enough Trixie. You need someone to be close to you and you know that. You gave me your cape and your hat not only because you wanted to meet me again... but also... as a gesture to accept you as a friend... and I accept without doubt.
Trixie couldn't retain her tears any longer and returned the hug, wailing like a weight just got out of herself.
Twilight: That's all right Trixie... I hope you feel better now...
Trixie couldn't stop crying. It was at this moment that Spike came back home and witnessed, puzzled, the scene of a crying Trixie hugged by Twilight who was comforting her.
Spike: Uh... what's going Twilight? Why is she here?
Twilight: Oh! Spike! Uh... long story short, Trixie came back here to give me her magical ensemble and I just found her motive. Now, she's crying because I accepted her as a friend.
Spike: What? Why would you have her as a fri-
Twilight was glaring at Spike.
Spike: Okay! I got it. I'll be at the kitchen to prepare the dinner...
Twilight: Good idea. Add a cover tonight.
Spike: What?
Trixie: W-what? *sniffs and swiped her eyes with a hoof*
Twilight: I invite you for dinner. That's what friends do. Do you accept?
Trixie was agap.
Trixie: T... Trixie w-would like to... but... *sniffs swipe her eyes with the same forehoof* I accept with joy.
Twilight: Excellent. Spike?
Spike: Yeah, yeah. Geez!
Trixie: Why?
Twilight: Uh?
Trixie: Why are you this good to me?
Twilight: Well, as a princess, I have the duty to make sure that our ponies are happy and live well. As a friend, it is quite natural to take care of my friend and try to help her the best I can. As myself... I wondered when you would come back after you realized the wrongs you made.
Trixie was shocked. In front of her, somepony she hated for what she did to her accept her as a friend, was ready to help whatever the help she needed... and even worried about her. She couldn't find the word and simply udder these simple words.
Trixie: T-thank you.
Twilight simply smiled, content.
Twilight: You are welcome Trixie. And you are welcomed to stay if you want.
Suddenly in the kitchen, a plate shattered on the floor. Spike reappeared.
Spike: What? No way! We don't have the place, even less the bed...
Twilight: Don't worry Spike, she will share my bed...
Trixie flushed.
Trixie: Woah! W-wait a minute!
Spike: Yeah! You know nothing about her....
Twilight: What do you mean by that, Spike? And how come you know about all this?
Spike: Uh... She won't take my bed and that's final. *cross arms*
Trixie: I...
Twilight: We won't sleep in the same bed, Spike!
Trixie: We won't? Err... I mean.... We won't... of course. *nervous laugh*
Twilight: She will sleep in my bed as my guest until I get another bed for her. I will sleep on cushions for that time.
Spike: Oh! I get it.
Trixie: S-same here.
Twilight: Good. So... Trixie? What do you think?
Trixie: Uh... it is so sudden... but I accept. *Twilight smiled* But... just for some time...
Spike: Yeah. For some time...
Twilight glared at Spike.
Spike: I better get back to the kitchen to finish to prepare the meal...
Twilight: Don't forget to clean the mess you made...
Spike: Yeah, yeah...
Twilight: Well... Trixie. What do you want to do until the dinner get ready? I got a really good book that you could...
Trixie: Trixie... I would like to study a bit of magic... if... if that doesn't bother you...
Twilight: *gasp* Really? Of course not that doesn't bother me! I have this great guide that I recommend you to read. And this one on magicals basics.. And this one...
It was at this instant that Trixie realized she got something else more important that fans of her show: a precious friend. A precious friend that maybe could give her back her cape and hat later if she asks....

Couldn't resist to write a story based on your beautiful piece. I hope you like it.
otaku9999 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
T'a géré comme je te l'avais dis, je l'afficherais bien quand je ferais la déco de ma chambre ;D
kittenz77 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Love it!! <3
LULUTsFactory Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist
la tête de l'autre poney derrière x,D
PurpleLemons Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student General Artist
My dreams have come true! *gushing* 8Y
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